Welcome to the webring for domains. This is a webring for anyone who owns their own domain.

1. If you have not already got a free account at webringo.com, go and do that now. (Just like webring.com, webringo needs ring members to have an account. There you can add in any of your urls and join other rings.)
2. Please own your own domain. No freepages, subdomains, or paid-for pages that are subdomains.
3. You may join the webring with more than one domain.
4. After I receive an email from webringo to say you have joined, I will add you to the list of members. You will then receive an email with a link to get the code of the webring.
5. Please have the webring fragment on your page within a few days; one week at the most. Send me a message to let me know you have done so.


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